Yorgo Ilyadis (1914–1974) | Biography


Yorgo Ilyadis was born in Adapazar, Turkey in 1914 and passed away in 1974 in Thesalonki. Yorgo was taken back to Istanbul Turkey where he was buried. He was a famous sound engineer in Turkey. He served the Turkish movie industry from a young age and until his passing. Before Yorgo became a sound engineer, he accomplished a lot of different things. In 1933 he was involved in Turkish radio, he supervised a couple of movies, was a camera man, did editing on films, and also built a couple of studios. He used to build his own mixing counsels and some of the electronics in the studio. He was very good in repairing and engineering studios. In the 1935 Yorgo went to Berlin, Germany to study in the sound engineering field. In addition he worked for the famous Klang Company. Yorgo moved to Hungry where he continued his studies and in 1938 he returned to Istanbul Turkey. In 1941 he help build the Marmara Studio and in 1943 the Ses Film Studio. From there he served the Turkish Movie Industry, where he successfully became a sound director. He received from the film industry a couple of awards for his excellence in the sound producing field. Yorgo Ilyadis had a younger brother, Kriton Ilyadis who became a famous camera man,and he also served the Turkish Film Industry. Yorgo and Kritons father was a famous engineer who had his own steel factory. Their father Ilya Usta is the person who built the Cark in Adapazar, Turkey. The reason the Cark was created and built was to pump running water to the homes in the city. After the completion of the Cark, he donated it to the Turkish Government. The government sent him to Saudi Arabia, to build the water system for that country. He would turn the salt water into fresh drinking water. Their father received a metal from the Turkish Government for the job he created and completed in the 1900’s.
Yorgo Ilyadis took his job very seriously and worked long hours. He helped a lot of people in the Industry but he also made time to enjoy life. One of his passionate hobbies was fishing. Yorgo had a water front summer home in Yesilkoy and loved to take his boat out to sea for fishing. Next to his summer home there was a little fishing place and all the fishermen loved being around Yorgo. For him it was the dream place to enjoy his hobby and raise his children. He had three sons, Thanasi, Ilya and Niko. After the death of their father they all moved to the United States. Thanasi and Ilya both have passed away along with his beautiful wife Drosoula. The only surviving son is Niko who resides in California.
Music was also a big part of Yorgos enjoyment and relaxation. He loved music and at his home and he had the best stereo equipment where he would enjoy his hobby. Yorgo was a very simple but disciplined man. When it came to his studio room, if he was not there he would not let anyone in the studio. Yorgo had a lot of friends and associates and loved being around people.

Niko Ilyadis

I Niko Ilyadis, am the last surviving son of Yorgo Ilyadis and I am dedicating this to my father whom I loved and respected very much. My father was a very respectable man who loved being with people and who loved to be with his family and friends.
My father was also a very honorable person, especially in his field of work. He loved the country of Turkey where he was born and raised and laid to rest.

Whatever I have learned in my life, I learned it from my father. He was the best teacher, my friend, but most of all the